Dine well and do good with Chef’s Table Austin!

On Thursday, September 24th, at the Austin Country Club, Water to Thrive will celebrate over 1080 wells in 11 years of service with an exciting evening of food, fun, and philanthropy at our eighth annual Chef’s Table Austin!

Our generous guests at Chef’s Table Austin have helped fund the operations that support our mission of bringing the blessing of clean, safe water to rural African communities in need.

Our participating chefs make it all possible by providing exciting menus and personalized experiences for the live auction, and our generous sponsors help make the evening happen.

Our thanks go out to everyone involved for giving us the tools we need to build wells and change lives. Join us again this fall!

(Go ahead and get it on your calendar!)

(And now, buy your tickets!)

Yes! Chefs!

Once again, Austin’s top chefs have answered the call and are creating amazing dinner experiences to help Water to Thrive raise critical funding. Our chefs for Chef’s Table Austin 2019 are… Chef’s Table Austin Founding Chef, Chef David Bull of Second Bar + Kitchen * Chef Jesse DeLeon of Rosewood * Chef Takuya Matsumoto ofRead more