Chef Ian Thurwachter



Chef Thurwachter’s Dinner Auction

An Italian farm-to-table feast!

Just as in Italy where the food is authentic and locally sourced,
you’ll enjoy a seasonal, Farm-to-Table Italian food and wine experience for 10 at Intero!

Husband and wife duo Chefs Ian & Krystal invite you to gather friends
and cheers over a welcoming toast of house-made limoncello in Intero’s private dining space.

From the savory side, Executive Chef Ian offers skilled techniques in Italian cooking preparations,
along with his dedication in utilizing locally raised whole animals and locally grown whole produce
to give you a memorable Italian celebration.

Providing an authentic nod to Italy’s sweeter roots, guests will be gratified over their final course
from Chocolatier/Pastry Chef Krystal Craig with specialized handcrafted artisan chocolates and Italian desserts.

The menu will reflect the season in which your event is held,
and will be paired with selectively chosen classic Italian staples that complement each course
while highlighting Italy’s various regions.

Prepare to dine like Italians! Leisurely and lively, with the shared company of your group at Intero.

sourdough focaccia, house made ricotta, wildflower honey, garden thyme
sweet corn frittelle, mushroom conserva, braised peppers, basil
grilled shishitos, hard boiled egg, crispy potatoes, dill
domus picta, ‘Treviso,’ prosecco | Valdobbiadene, Italy

handmade burrata, peach, corn, brioche, chile vinaigrette
simone capecci, pecorino 2016 | Marche, Italy

gnocchi, roasted chicken, yellow squash, brown butter, pecan
donna laura ali, sangiovese 2016 | Tuscany, Italy

corn & chevre risotto, accompanied with:
roasted pork shoulder: chile butter, basil
seared branzino filet, lemon, thyme
grilled carrots, cheddar, charred onion, sunflower seed
grilled green beans, eggplant, harissa, tonnato sauce, sesame seed
charred okra, sweet peppers, nduja, potato butter, cured egg
coppo l’avvocata, barbera 2017 | Piedmont, Italy

Assortment of artisan chocolate truffles:
Salted Caramel, Triple Chocolate, Jasmine Tea, Luxardo Cherry
vanilla panna cotta, cinnamon crumble, blueberry
montenegro amaro, medium – Bologna, Italy


Intero translates to “whole” or “entire” in Italian.

 At Intero we believe in embracing traditional Italian sensibilities and cooking techniques while highlighting the seasonality of Texas ingredients. Utilizing locally raised “entire” animals and locally farmed “whole” produce, we provide a sustainable and contemporary approach in our dishes. Italian cuisine is rooted in necessity and gratitude towards every ingredient, driving the idea behind what we do and what we strive to provide to our guests.

Unique to Austin, but inspired by the popular concept experienced in small cafes throughout Italy, Intero features an artisan chocolate counter in our front space offering a variety of truffles, barks, and sipping chocolates in classic and Italian flavors. Locally roasted coffee, engaging craft cocktails, and a curated wine list for happy hour to late night dining are available to “complete” your Intero experience.