Chef Ian Thurwachter





Intero translates to “whole” or “entire” in Italian.

 At Intero we believe in embracing traditional Italian sensibilities and cooking techniques while highlighting the seasonality of Texas ingredients. Utilizing locally raised “entire” animals and locally farmed “whole” produce, we provide a sustainable and contemporary approach in our dishes. Italian cuisine is rooted in necessity and gratitude towards every ingredient, driving the idea behind what we do and what we strive to provide to our guests.

Unique to Austin, but inspired by the popular concept experienced in small cafes throughout Italy, Intero features an artisan chocolate counter in our front space offering a variety of truffles, barks, and sipping chocolates in classic and Italian flavors. Locally roasted coffee, engaging craft cocktails, and a curated wine list for happy hour to late night dining are available to “complete” your Intero experience.