Chef Janelle Reynolds



Private dinner for 10 in winner’s home
*Sample menu- substitutions may be made to accommodate seasonal changes

Selection of small bite appetizers

Compressed melon
jalapeño | lime | ginger

Blue crab beignets
malt vinegar emulsion

Pimento cheese
smoked cheddar | spicy peanuts | pickled Fresno pepper


Hamachi crudo
tangerine | olive oil | Hawaiian salt | micro basil

Verjus marinated heirloom tomatoes
lemon ricotta | sourdough crisp

Texas beef filet
onion soubise | roasted carrots | benne seed

Crème fraiche cake
compressed peaches | lemon whipped cream


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At the Hill Country’s only concierge-style professional chef service, food is our passion – the art is creating
a delicious and surprising menu that will overwhelm your every sense. We specialize in making great food
and wonderful food memories for all of our clients.