Chef Andrew Wiseheart



A unique and completely customizable
Chef for a Day experience with Chef Andrew

With a diverse culinary background and experiences from all around the globe,
Chef Andrew has found his way back to Austin to be recognized among Austin’s finest, most sought-after chefs.
Wiseheart’s cooking reflects techniques and flavors accumulated throughout his travels, as well as his Texas roots.

Collaborate with Chef Andrew to decide on all the details:

Number of guests
Number of courses
Foods served for each course (dependent on season)
*Alcohol pairing guidance can be provided, but alcohol is not included

This could be anything from a four-course dinner for 12 at your home or a cooking class with friends
to a backyard pig roast or any other ideas you’d like to think through with Chef Andrew.
It’s an opportunity for you to have a fun and creative experience,
and to plan the dream dinner party you’ve always wanted.



 Contigo is a relaxed, comfortable East Austin restaurant modeled after Chef Andrew’s own ranch.
As Chef Andrew puts it, “We’ve been entertaining friends and family at Contigo Ranch for over 30 years.
It is the countless hunting trips, weekend retreats, cattle roundups, barbecues, parties, horseshoe and washers tournaments, and pachangas that serve as inspiration for this restaurant. Since we can’t have everyone down to the ranch, we decided to do our best to bring the ranch to everyone in Austin.

At Contigo, we like to sit outside, we like to drink beer… and margaritas. We like to eat great food and appreciate friendly company and warm hospitality. We serve Fresh, Quality, Bar Food… which is basically how we like to eat. We make things that go well with beer and utilize the freshest ingredients we can find.

Our goal is to offer the community a place to relax, commune, and enjoy great food.
We hope you will join us.”